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It's all about checks and balances.Use proper due diligence and contact a consultant.
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Foundation Issues?
What you really need to know:

Do you have a foundation problem? Are the problems cosmetic (not serious)? Are the problems structural (serious)? Will maintenance (watering and drainage control) stop or reverse it? Will piers help? Are piers required? How many piers do I need? Is there a difference in piers? What kind of piers work best for my situation (concrete drilled, concrete cylinders, helical, steel, other)? Will piers alone solve my problem? Who installs the correct type of piers for my home? Do I need a void fill? Do I need trees removed? Do I need root barriers? Do I need drainage correction to avoid upheaval? What do elevations really tell me? How much should I pay for foundation repair? Is it covered by insurance? Is my plumbing affecting my foundation? Are outside influences affecting my foundation? Might I have recourse against the person who sold me the home? Am I libel for foundation problems when I sell my home? Can I sell my home with foundation problems? Can I buy a home without foundation problems? Will anybody help me answer these questions and get it right?

I'm Richard Rash and I can answer these and many more questions related to foundation damage and repair.

People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation repairs. It's a smart move.

I will talk to you in plain English and explain how it all works. Knowledge is power and I will give you the knowledge to know if you need foundation repair. If you need foundation repair, I will help you get it done correctly, and at a fair price. If not, I will guide you in doing the maintenance needed to avoid structural foundation problems.

I won't cost you money, I will save you money.

Call me directly on my Cell: 817-308-8186. If I fail to answer, please leave name, phone number and town. I will call back when I finish with my current customer. You may also email me at, please include phone number.

Fell free to call evenings before 10pm and week-ends!

Cracks in sheet rock, uneven doors and even small separations in brick lines do not necessarily mean structural foundation damage has occurred. It also does not mean large numbers of piers are required. It means that the soil is shifting and should be evaluated by an unbiased professional.

Often these problems can be addressed by proper watering and drainage control. Even un-level floors are not always a sign of settlement. When moisture is trapped under a building the soil swells, and can, and does elevate the center of the floor. This can give the illusion of settlement, when in reality the outer perimeter is at, or near, original grade. Piering, under these conditions, can be, not only un-necessary, but dangerous to your home.

Don't be duped into un-needed repairs. Talk to me first. I will help you make sense of what is happening.

The facts are: many owners of homes and small commercial buildings are spending way more than need be and often getting shoddy repairs. Many houses are getting un-needed repairs. The public is being fed partial information and mis-information almost on a daily basis. They say water your foundation, but don't say how. They say correct your drainage, but don't say how. They say the soil is the problem but don't explain why or how to correct it. I'm not they, I will explain it all to you.

I evaluate the structure, determine the extent of the problem, discuss how to maintain the area, and explain it so you understand what's going on. I will offer alternative suggestions as to the best and least expensive way to solve the problem. With a knowledgeable advocate in your corner, your chances of getting it right go way up.

The intelligent and concerned home owner gets help. Unless you have been in the foundation repair business (and I was for over twenty-five years) you are not likely knowledgably enough to get the best product, installed correctly and at the best price. That's where you need me. You will know the extent of the problem, what can and should be done and the price you should pay.

Call my cell: 817-308-8186 I will help.

My fee to inspect your home: $350.00 within 40 miles of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Over 40 miles, a small surcharge is added. If I don't help, you don't pay.