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Foundation Repair Cost

As anyone who has received several bids can tell you there is very little continuity of price between contractors. There is even less agreement as to type of piers or how many piers are needed. The one thing that seems pretty universal is, if you get five bids, you get five different repair plan and five different prices.  Remember in most every case, the person who gives you a quote is paid by the number of piers they sell. Often the bids are not in the home owner’s best interest.

Foundation repair costs are hard to pen down. Foundation repair companies sell piers. In the majority of cases I have seen, piers are not required in the early stages of foundation movement.  As the problems progress piers often become necessary to re-align walls.

When caught in time, many foundation repair problems can be stopped and often reversed by drainage control and proper watering. Don’t jump into piering without knowledge. At any point it is good to get an authority, an unaffiliated expert to help you through the process. If you are unsure about something, you bring in an expert. That is a good business practice at any level.

Piers run from around $300.00 to $700.00 per pier for residential use in Texas. Contactors and their salesmen make money by the number of piers they sell and how cheap of a product they can provide. It is not unusual for piering to cost from $5000 up to and exceeding $30,000 and quite often most, if not all of the piers, could be avoided.

Remember: With over 150 foundation contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, getting three bids give you a one in fifty chance of getting the right job at a fair price. I can help you beat those odds. People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation issues. If I save you from buying one un-needed pier you have made money. It's a smart move and cheap insurance.

I will be your advocate, your check and balance.

Richard Rash
Foundation Repair Contractor

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