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The Foundation Man website was designed to help homeowners and owners of commercial buildings to deal with the ravages of foundation movement.

For over thirty-six years I have worked as a foundation man to help owners of real property in dealing with all types of foundation movement,  issues and problems. I have several ways in which I provide assistance.

I use the internet to provide generic information on the world wide web through my website, through my newsletter, through postings on LinkedIn, through twitter, through Facebook and through my  "the foundation man" blog. The advice I give in these formats are generalized and are not specific in nature due to the fact that every foundation issue is different and based on a particular set of circumstances.

As The Foundation Man I offer talks to realtor meetings, homeowner associations and other groups involved with homeowners or owners of commercial buildings. My talks include generic information which will help attendees prevent, recognize, stop and sometimes reverse negative foundation movement.

I offer more personalized foundation movement, repair and damage information geared to specific properties through text, email, pictures, videos and over the phone. This can often greatly lower costs when time, distance and economics prohibit in person inspections. While not as in depth and encompassing as an in person  evaluation, modern technology has enabled me to offer important guidance which can save my customers a great deal of money they might otherwise spend on scam repairs.

My main and most productive service is an in-person property visit where I am able to access the problems and issues with face to face discussions and full, up close examination of the facilities, the drainage and the general lay of the land. When dealing directly, using on premise  inspections, I am able to thoroughly determine the problem and offer solution options to fit the specific needs of my customer.  Also included with the in home inspection is a written overview of  of our discussion including options..

Situations covered in all three areas would include the prevention, stopping and reversing of foundation movement.

Most importantly, is determining the cause of the foundation movement, the degree of movement that has occurred and the proper approach to stopping and reversing the distress.

Each property will have experienced a unique situation,and to properly deal with this unique occurrence a specific, personalized repair/rehabilitation program should be designed specificlly for the individual property.  

Aside from dealing with the property foundation movement, one often must deal with irritations caused by builders, insurance, warranties, plumbing, neighbors, municipalities,repair contractors and previous owners.

My service includes dealing with any and all of the above issues and anything else that may come up. With over thirty-six years as a consumer advocate in the foundation repair industry there is not much I haven't experienced.

I am located in the mid-cities area of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro-plex. I will travel to any location where  a problem exist and economics warrant. Often I am able to solve problems and provide guidance using phone, text, email photos and video at a significately lower fee that an in property visit would require.

I urge you to contact me with any questions relating to foundation issues. Generic questions are free as are discussions to determine if I can help either remotely or in person. 

For more information about any of my options:

Call or text me. Richard Rash at 817-308-8186 or email:  richardrashinc@tx.rr.com

Remember: if I don't help you, you don't pay me! If I do help you, you will be glad to pay me!

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