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 Call contractor for a free estimate you will likely get a me for a consult and you'll get the truth!

I have found that I often I get called after the home inspections have been done. Usually at that point, the sale has pretty much been lost or at best the buyers have called for a free estimate, which nine times out of ten will get a costly, most often un-needed, bid for repairs. Either way the sale is usually lost or the buyer wants a big discount. Unfortunately, after the fear of foundation damage has been introduced it is hard to show a buyer that the damage/estimate was greatly inflated or wrong.

At this point, usually all I can do is show the sellers how to avoid the problems for future buyers.

That's why I tell all my client Realtors to call us prior to your listing hitting the MLS. Then we can handle the issues before the home inspectors report. This will greatly improve your chances of a successful closing on the first offers. Call me for more information. Richard Rash 817-308-8186

Here's where you can really get into trouble without the help of someone not trying to sell piers. Although home sellers are required by law to disclose previous foundation damage, they often do not recognize the signs of foundation movement, or do not know of problems or repairs experienced by previous owners. And, sometimes they just lie!

There are, however ways to find the truth whether a BUYER or a SELLER! When you suspect issues, or when advised by an inspector to get an authority to check out signs that may be foundation problems contact me for the real story. Most people just call a foundation repair company because they are free. The foundation repair companies send out commissioned salesmen with the mission of selling piers, whether the house needs them or not. Worse yet, and this is a big problem, they, or you, or your realtor, or your inspector may see something that you, or they, don’t understand, and it becomes confused with a foundation problem. Often, it is only a cosmetic issue, causing you to pass on a home that you love, at a location you love and a price you can afford. This happens every day in North Texas. This is where I am often able to save the day by showing that the situation isn't that bad and can be handled relatively inexpensively..

I will explain it all!

  • How the home is built.
  • How the soil affects the house and how the moisture affects the soil.
  • How the soil causes the house to move and I show you why, and how the home is moving.
  • I tell you what can be done.

If piers are needed when buying a pre-owned home I will explain the different types.

  • I will explain how many you need.
  • I will explain where you need them.
  • I will explain the most you should pay for them.

If you need other work when buying a pre-owned home I will answer all of your questions including

  • Drainage.
  • Plumbing.
  • Root barriers.
  • Soaker hose.
  • Bids.
  • Warranties.
  • Scams.
  • Home owners insurance.
  • Home buyer’s warranties.
  • Slabs.
  • Pier and Beams.
  • Remedial Piers.
  • Drains.

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Be sure to watch short video at bottom of page.

I will send you an overview of our conversation (report).

I will encourage you to email me any bids you wish to discuss.

I will encourage you to continue to call me with any questions that might arise

I have been dealing with foundation repair for over thirty-five years

To my knowledge, there are no bad reports about me on the BBB, Angie's list or anywhere else so check me out on the web "Richard Rash", AKA the Foundation Man, foundation consultant. I also do not advertise, I rely on referrals, like yours, for my business.

Many of you may still think you can successfully travel these murky waters alone and maybe you can but I have had thousands of customers who have chosen to invest a few hundred dollars for my knowledge and assistance and who understand that, with my help, the worst thing that can happen is, that they re-enforce their existing beliefs on what has happened and what needs to be done. The best thing that can happen is they save thousands of dollars and prevented their home from going through a very stressful and possibly damaging and very unnecessary experience. As a bonus, they get piece of mind, knowing that I have told them the truth and given them a plan of action. The last thing I ask my customers is “does it all make sense?” I don’t leave until it does, and even then I impress upon my customers to call me with any questions at any time. And they do, sometimes years later.

I hope you understand by now that I provide a unique experience and cover things that they don't teach in engineering school. Things that will put your mind at ease and provide you with a road map to a successful conclusion to the unpleasant task of dealing with a moving foundation. Please call me at 817-308-8186 or email me at

Remember, if you don't use me and if you get it wrong, it is not likely that the state will help you (no state licensing or oversight), the cities won’t help you, the courts likely won’t help you, and the warranty usually won't help you. At this point, it is never easy but, there may be things you can do, and not do, to keep from throwing good money after bad, and I can probably help you with guidance over the phone on steps to take.

I will go anywhere. My fee is a flat $350.00 within forty miles of DFW Airport. A little farther a little more. A lot farther, what can I say, a lot more! If you are remodeling and spending $35,000 my fee is but 1% to assure that you don’t have to redo it because of the foundation. If you are buying a Home for $350,000 my cost is 1/10 of one percent to protect that investment. The cost is small and the value is great.

Realtor? Let me help you close the deal!

Go to my website and see what my customers say at Testimonials. Here are: My Fees. For additional information: Contact me! Richard Rash 817-308-8186




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