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By Richard Rash | Foundation Repair Consultant

Oct 09

Welcome To The Foundation Man Blog

If you  wish to  maintain your property to protect against foundation issues please read.

The great majority of foundation damage in areas of expansive soils is avoidable.

Proper planning and proper maintenance can go a very long way in preventing foundation movement. The number one thing to take into consideration is soil moisture.

Providing and maintaining proper moisture control around your home will go a long way toward preventing foundation movement and damage.

Areas of importance would be in knowing where the moisture/water comes from and where it goes. Have gutter downspouts directing waters to stay away from foundation. Prevent sidewalks from trapping water next to home. Slope all soil from home. Keep soil tight against foundation so it will prevent moisture from flowing between soil and slab or into crawl space. Avoid erosion.              Ideal situation Maintain constant soil moisture level all around structure, all year around. 

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