Buildings on expansive soils.

Extreme flooding such as what happened with Harvey and Irma, can and will cause delayed damage to many of the affected homes. If your yard was under water for any period of time it is likely that the soil will have expanded, with the moisture being wicked into the soil under your foundation. It could very well take until the end of next summer (2018) before the soil dries to the point that structural repairs may be completed without recurring damage. Every situation is different and a lot depends on how long the ground stayed under water, the age of the home, the condition of the soil when the home was built, the moisture level of the deep soil before the storms arrived, and the actual composition of the soil.

My general recommendations at this point would be to limit repairs to insulation and sheetrock replacement, cosmetic door and window adjustment, painting, electrical, and plumbing. I would not commit to any structural changes or replacements, permanent trim or cabinet installations or modifications without the advice of a trusted adviser with geotechnical knowledge of the immediate area. In other words: make it livable and wait.

Although I am based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area I have over thirty-five years of experience dealing with all types of foundation issues and would be happy to answer any questions that I can. I may be reached during normal working hours phone or text at 817-381-8186.                              


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