Under floor warranties are different from regular perimeter piers warranties! Understand them!

Crawl space or pier and beam construction

When considering foundation issues with crawl space and/or pier and beam construction, there are usually several areas of concern. First is the perimeter supports. Most older and some newer crawl space constructions have the home sitting on perimeter posts of either concrete, brick, stone, and occasionally wood, without having continuous support. Most modern crawl space construction incorporates a continuous concrete beam.

In any case, when floors are uneven and doors are out of align there is a good chance that the perimeter beam has shifted, which usually turns out to be upheaval due to expansive soils coupled with bad drainage or plumbing failures.

The type of perimeter support you have should be considered when crawl space foundation issues are suspected.

The second thing you should consider

The second thing you should consider would be the piers directly under the floor. These should be of concrete or steel materials, and there should not be wood touching the ground and the crawl space should be dry year around. Negative drainage, or water and sewer leaks, can cause soils in the crawl space to move the supporting piers around affecting the floors of the structure.

Third would be the wood supports between the piers and the flooring, including the subflooring. Where moisture has been allowed to exist in the crawl space, wood rot and termites can weaken the floor supports. So when foundation movement has been observed in a pier and beam home that is built in expansive soils, always check the perimeter for ponding water or loss of support soil, and don’t forget to check the crawl space for signs of moisture in the soil and for rot in the wood. Other things to consider would be vents. The size and location of crawl space vents can have a bearing on crawlspace conditions and be sure to check drainage and plumbing. If in doubt call me, I can help guide you through the process and keep you from spending a lot of unnecessary money.

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Note. Never have crawl space piers adjusted while soil in crawl space in wet. When the soil dries the piers will move and damage is likely to return!. 

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