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Don't lose sales because of PERCEIVED foundation problems!

Upheaval on Brick

U​pheaval damage to home exterior

I’m sure we are both interested in increasing our business and I wanted to make you an offer that should benefit both of us. Many sales are lost where the seller wants to sell and the buyer wants the home, loves the neighborhood, and the price is good…but there is something about the foundation that just does not look right or feel right and they do not understand. This is where I have helped hundreds of times. It's seldom as bad as it seems. What I provide, is of immense help to anyone dealing with foundation issues, and can be particularly helpful to sellers and buyers of pre-owned homes. For the seller, I can help them avoid having buyers walk away because of perceived, but not, structural foundation problems. I can explain how they may pre-empt flags that can cause an inspector to suggest calling a foundation company, which is usually a nightmare. I provide a “blueprint” on what might concern a buyer or a home inspector and info on what to do about it. For your buyer, I can go through the house looking for any concealed defects or previously covered up problems. I can also point out major issues or minor, non-structural problems that can be corrected simply and economically, and I can provide a report showing cost factors for repairs that they can use to negotiate. This is a simplification but it works. I help close deals. Now, what I propose, is that you put my link on your website and I allow you to provide a discount to your customers, worth $75.00 off of my regular listed price, (they just have to mention it) which is now $350.00 within 40 miles of DFW airport. A little farther, a little more. Here is my guarantee to you. If Your buyer or seller uses my service and I legitimately don’t provide them with information that they need, there will be no charge. Call me for more information.


Unless the home has experienced the effects of a major earthquake, mudslide, sinkhole or other catastrophic trauma it is unlikely that extensive foundation movement has occurred, or that piers are needed.

Due to widespread MIS-INFORMATION foundation damage and repair are among the most misunderstood elements of home ownership.  Due to mis-diagnosis, thousands of un-needed piers are installed in North Texas every year.


If the DIAGNOSIS is wrong foundation repairs will fail! Unneeded dollars will be spent and real estate sales will be lost.

"If you are unsure about something, you bring in an expert! That is a good business practice at any level".


These homes could most surely use piers due to catastrophic trauma.

Foundation damage due to sinkhole

Serious Foundation Damage

Foundation repair from sinkhole damage.

Foundation repair of earthquake damaged homes.

These homes most likely do not need piers. Upheaval is the problem and piers are expensive and often do damage!

Damage from foundation upheaval.

Signs of foundation damage in Texas. Signs of upheaval.

This is why I tell all my client Realtors to call us prior to the sign going up and before prospective buyers walk off.  You can handle the issues before the home inspectors get involved. This will greatly improve your chances of a successful closing on the first offers.

    • I will also tell your sellers what cosmetic issues that may exist and need to fix to avoid unnecessary hassles with buyers, inspectors and lenders
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