Realtor: save the sale

It is high season for home sales.  Demand Is up and everyone is in a hurry.   

Don't let foundation issues lose you the sale!


Unless the home has experienced the effects of a major earthquake, mudslide, sinkhole or other catastrophic trauma it is unlikely that extensive foundation movement has occurred, or that piers are needed.

Due to widespread MIS-INFORMATION foundation damage and repair are among the most misunderstood elements of home ownership.  Due to mis-diagnosis, thousands of un-needed piers are installed in North Texas every year.


If the diagnosis is wrong foundation repairs will fail! Unneeded dollars will be spent and real estate sales will be lost.

"If you are unsure about something, you bring in an expert! That is a good business practice at any level".


These homes could most surely use piers due to catastrophic trauma.

Foundation damage due to sinkhole

Serious Foundation Damage

Foundation repair from sinkhole damage.

Foundation repair of earthquake damaged homes.

These homes most likely do not need piers. Upheaval is the problem and piers are expensive and often do damage!

Damage from foundation upheaval.

Signs of foundation damage in Texas. Signs of upheaval.

How it Works

Sellers and Buyers: If it appears the home may be starting to show foundation movement you want to find out the facts. Is it cosmetic distress, which is most common, or is it structural, which is very expensive? Does it, or will it, need piers?  Or, more likely, will proper maintenance stop the movement and allow issues to be repaired cosmetically?

Sellers: Don't lose buyers because they see something that doesn’t seem right and they walk off without even talking about it. It happens every day in North Texas! Also, don’t wait until a buyer’s home inspector tells their client to get it checked by an authority. More often than not, they will call a foundation repair company whose main profit center is selling piers, and whose salesmen are paid on commission for the piers they sell. (Can they be objective as to the needs?)

When that happens, you have usually lost the sale and must start over. Sometimes, the buyers want a big discount to compensate for perceived structural damage.  This happens all too often when the movement signs they saw were cosmetic and the movement may be stopped by better maintenance.  A foundation inspection before the sign goes up can prevent this and also allows you to clean up cosmetic issues giving the home better “curb” appeal and less walk away traffic.

Buyers: You may find the home you love, in a location you want, at a price you can afford, yet walk away because you perceived foundation damage that is really just cosmetic, and may be dealt with using improved maintenance. More often than you would think in situations like this the seller may wrongly think they have a major problem and be willing to negotiate on an issue that can be handled cosmetically. This can make for a great deal. On the other hand, there may be concealed damage that will show up later leading to great expense. Concealed damage is especially prevalent in homes that are, or have had plumbing issues, been involved in a foreclosure or been rehabbed and/or flipped. When real problems are found my report can often save you a lot of grief or it can help in bargaining with the seller for a better price.

Realtors: Give your buyers and sellers a head start on selling or buying their home quickly and safely without a ton of stress. Send them a copy of this email and let them know that there is real help out here and you are looking out for them in every way including the notorious foundation issues that are rampant is this area.

Check List

This is why I tell all my client Realtors to call us prior to the sign going up.  We can handle the issues before the home inspectors get involved. This will greatly improve your chances of a successful closing on the first offers.

    • I will tell you if there are problems, and if so, what is the most you should pay for repairs and the results you should expect.
    • Using pictures, I will explain any foundation or drainage issues the home may have. I will explain the options available to achieve the right solutions.
    • I will provide you with a written overview of our discussion including pictures.
    • Where applicable, I will suggest that you get bids and forward them to me for us to discuss over the phone.
    • I do not recommend specific contractor but I protect you from bad bids and worthless warranties! 
    • If you hire a contractor I encourage you to have them call me with questions.
    • you may call me with questions anytime after I have seen the property.
    • I deal in facts,  and this is  My Warranty: if I can’t help you, you don’t pay me.
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