Foundation Repair Summary

Foundation upheaval.

Foundation Upheaval and settlement

Get a knowledgeable consultant on your side and you chance of winning goes way up.

If it appears your home, commercial building or apartment building is starting to flex or distort, you want to find out the real cause, and stop, and hopefully reverse it. It could be soil settlement or more likely soil upheaval, but whichever it is, if the diagnosis is wrong your repairs will fail .

Don't deal with it alone. Every year hundreds of consumers in North Texas and other areas of expansive soil are sold foundation work they don't need, more foundation work than they do need and pay thousands of dollars more that they should for the foundation work they do get.

If you do need piers, you need to know what is the most you should pay for the piers, and, that they will be installed correctly.

You are reading this because you have a question or a problem relating to foundation repair or drainage control. I am here because I have answers to your questions. I provide solutions to problems relating to foundation damage and drainage issues, in areas of expansive soils, of which North Texas in the center.

I assume you have visited websites where contractors talk about and show you different types piers. Unless you are looking for a job installing piers, that really doesn’t help you much.

You need to know if you need piers, if so, how many, and where, and what type of piers.

If you don’t need piers, you still need to know what is wrong,

You need to know, that the person you are talking to will not have their compensation determined by the type and number of repairs they recommend.

It is also important that you understand that many people who wind up with piers don’t need them.

It has been my experience that most foundation damage from expansive soils is cosmetic and does not need structural repairs.

If you have problems, you need solutions. You need somebody that is not selling repairs.

You need someone who can explain bids, contracts, warranties, settlement, upheaval, cosmetic damage vs structural damage, piers, drainage, plumbing, repair costs, insurance, foundation contractors, commissioned salesmen, engineers, permits and any other area of the foundation repair industry that may affect you and your home.

You also need to understand why the “elevations” that foundation repair people try to use to sell you piers is a scam and how that most foundation repair companies contracts and warranties are written for the contractor and not the consumer.

I can be your ADVOCATE, your CHECK, and BALANCE. I will help you understand what is happening with your home or building now, and what needs to happen to prevent, stop, and often reverse foundation movement.

I also almost always save my clients money when they follow my advice.

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