Hi, I’m Richard Rash, the foundation man and I know about as much about foundations issues as anyone in North Texas. 

Since retiring from active contracting, some fourteen years ago, I have been consulting on foundation problems. Before retiring I spent 24 years as a foundation repair contractor often as a consultant to other foundation repair contractors. When I started in the business there were a handful of people doing foundation work. When a foundation was broken we fixed it, as best we could, with the knowledge we had. Over the years, we learned a lot.

Richard Rash in pier hole.

Foundation man in pier hole.

Damage from foundation upheaval.

Signs of foundation damage in Texas. Signs of upheaval.

As time progressed things begin to change. Foundation Repair became a billion dollar business and the gypsies, tramps, and thieves jumped in.

Commisioned foundation repair salesman.

Foundation repair salesman in North Texas.

It seems that all it takes is an over the hill athlete, disk jockey or talk show host to endorse a company and the uneducated masses go for it. Well, guess what, the masses are getting screwed. They are buying piers that are, to say the least, not ideal for our soil. They are buying piers they do not need and they are paying far too much for the piers they get. And, worst of all, they are not addressing the real problem, the soil.

The truth is, foundations don’t fail, soils fail. Soil expansion and contraction is a problem that must be addressed to solve foundation issues. Piers can not solve upheaval and many piers being sold do a very poor job of preventing settlement. You as the homeowner must maintain your soils. Maintain the soils correctly, and new problems do not appear. Maintain the soils correctly and old problems often lessen and sometimes go away.

You must have the knowledge to address whether your home has heaved up or settled down.

Foundation upheaval.

Foundation settlement

In our area, at least as many structures are damaged by upheaval, or swelling soils, as by settlement or contracted soils. You do not use piers to address homes that have already been lifted above grade by swelling soils.

Elevations alone can not distinguish between settlement and upheaval. Only experience can!

Foundation elevations

Foundation repair elevations of slab foundation.

If upheaval has occurred the high point must come down. The moisture in the soil must come out. You must find the source of the moisture and eliminate it. It’s usually much cheaper than piers and much better on the slab.

Damage from upheaval.

Foundation damage from bad drainage.

If settlement has occurred, and walls need to be lifted, you want the right number and type of piers from a reliable, experienced contractor. Not piers that have a reputation for failure. Not twice the required number of piers and not overpriced piers.

Failed foundation piers.

Failed foundation repair.

If you feel that you may have foundation issues and don’t want to get screwed, call me. If I can help over the phone it’s free. If I have to come out, it is still the best deal you can get!

Call me. Richard Rash, 817.308.8186 or email at richardrashinc@tx.rr.com

If you are unsure about something, you bring in an expert.

If you are unsure about something, you bring in an expert. That is a good business practice at any level. You use due diligence. You need checks and balances. Foundation damage is not the end of the world. Treated properly it can be a minor irritation. Treated incorrectly it can be a nightmare. Don’t experience a nightmare! The reason for this website is to let you know that I am available to help you understand the reason foundations fail, to help you maintain your foundation and to help you find proper repair when required. Remember: With over 150 foundation contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, getting three bids give you a one in fifty chance of getting the right job at a fair price. I can help you beat those odds. People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation issues. If I save you from buying one un-needed pier you have made money. It’s a smart move and cheap insurance. I will be your advocate, your “check and balance”.

Foundation companies sell piers, I provide solutions. 

I know this is confusing and I will be glad to provide more information. Contact me at 817-308-8186. My email is richardrashinc@tx.rr.com.

Website: www.repairfoundations.com.

Blog: www.foundationmanspeaks.com.

Best bet: Consult an advocate!

Remember: Be sure ….before you pier!