Unless the home has experienced the effects of a major earthquake, mudslide, sinkhole or other catastrophic trauma it is unlikely that extensive foundation movement has occurred or that piers are a proper response.

However, if catastrophic trauma has not affected your structure, but signs of foundation movement/damage have appeared, It is likely that  the drainage is not being maintained properly. It is also possible that plumbing leaks are at fault or even possibly subsurface springs. Something is wrong, and the cause of the problem must be determined before a successful solution can be implemented.

If moisture has caused the soil to swell, and in turn damage has appeared, piers are not the answer. Not only will piers not be the answer, if the moisture continues to swell the soil and the  warranty only covers vertical settlement, and most do, your foundation will not be covered.  Contact me for more information at 817-308-8186.

In any case of foundation movement, it is advisable to seek the advice of someone whose financial well being is not the result of what they are selling. In other words, unless you know you need piers, don't ask a pier salesman what to do. 

The one thing you may be sure of is, that unless you have  the original elevations, with a bench mark such as sea-level, current elevations of the house cannot determine if the structure has settled, been lifted by swollen soil or was poured unlevel.

How I Work:

For a pre-set fee I will inspect your foundation and drainage. I will explain your foundation problems. I will draw pictures and show you why your foundation moved and your options to stop the movement, prevent more movement and show you how to reverse the current movement. Because of my pre-set fee I have no financial incentive to guide you to anything but what is best for your home. Read on to find out who I am and why I can help.


Due to widespread MISINFORMATION, foundation damage and repair are among the most misunderstood elements of home ownership and area homeowners are subjected to many unneeded  repairs and unsuccessful attempted repairs.

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You are here because you are concerned about foundation related issues and you want the truth.

The Truth is: Foundation damage is usually not the end of the world. Treated correctly it can be an irritation. Treated incorrectly it can become a nightmare. Don’t experience a nightmare!

I started in the foundation repair business in 1980

Richard Rash in pier hole.

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Richard Rash

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Nearly forty years dealing with foundation issues in North Texas and surrounding areas.

"Richard, It was a pleasure meeting you today. You were a big help to my wife and I. Your consultation explained so many things to us and saved us unnecessary expense and hassle. Our spirits are lifted by knowing what is happening and having the plan to move forward with. Your service most appreciated." 

 Peter, Mckinney, TX

Hi, I’m Richard Rash, I have been helping the people of North Texas successfully deal with foundation issues for nearly forty years.

Since retiring from active contracting in 2003, I have been consulting on foundation problems with single family residences, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, commercial buildings warehouses, industrial plants, schools and most anything else built on Texas soils.

Before retiring from active contracting I spent 24 years as a foundation repair contractor, often as a consultant to other foundation repair contractors. When I started in the business there were a handful of people doing foundation work. When a foundation was broken we fixed it, as best we could, with the knowledge we had. 

As time progressed things began to change. Foundation Repair became a billion-dollar business and the gypsies, tramps, and thieves jumped in.

The truth is, foundations don’t fail... soils fail. Soil expansion and contraction in North Texas, is the problem that must be addressed to solve foundation issues. Piers cannot solve upheaval and many piers on the market do a very poor job of preventing settlement. You as the building owner must see that the moisture level in your soil remain balanced. Maintain the soils correctly, and new problems do not appear. Maintain the soils correctly and old problems often lessen and sometimes go away. Ignore your drainage and chance foundation issues. It helps to consult an expert!

Over the years, I learned a  lot.

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    I found most foundation repair failures are due to misdiagnosis and not bad piers!
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    I found most foundation repair companies sell piers and not solutions!
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     I found most foundation repair salespeople are paid on commission and their job is selling piers!
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    I found most foundation repair warranties are written for the contractor and not the consumer!
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    I found there is no licensing or oversite of foundation repair contractors in Texas!
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    I found if you aren't sure you need piers, you don't ask a pier salesman!

Be very careful when placing your home in the hands of someone whose livelihood is based on the sale of piers or uses foundation elevations to convince you that piers are the answer.

I also found that elevations without a benchmark from the time of construction is worthless.

I found that identical piers or other repairs can vary widely between contractors. 

I found permits, are usually a city tax and not assurances of a competent job.

Many engineers are in bed with foundation contractors.

People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation issues!

My fee is fair and reasonable.

If I help you get the job done right you have made money!

It's a smart move and cheap insurance. I will be your advocate, your, "check and balance"! 

If you would like to get the truth about your property contact me: Richard Rash

Call/text 817-308-8186

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