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Richard Rash, The Foundation Man
Fee Based Foundation Repair Consultant

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The Foundation Man Logo 2017  

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Let me guide you to the right foundation repair solution!

Foundation Repair Consultant Richard Rash.

I am foundation consultant Richard Rash, I know as much about foundation damage and repair as anyone in North Texas. I am here to  keep you  from getting taken advantage of by the foundation repair companies. For the last thirty-five plus years, I have been working with foundation damaged homes and other structures which are constructed on expansive soils. My home base is the Dallas-Fort Worth area but I go where I am needed, so if you have foundation issues contact me.

I have been involved with thousands of foundation repairs of all type buildings.

Since 1980 I have been consulting with individuals who are experiencing foundation distress.  Since 2005 I have been their consultant, their check and balance and their advocate. Part of my job is to know the foundations and  the soils. I know what causes foundation failures, what prevents foundation failure and I know the products used to repair foundations.  Along with the contractor reputations, I know what works where, and how much it should cost. My customers avoid failed foundation repairs, unneeded piers and I save them money time and stress.

I also help homeowners who have experienced foundation repair failure when the contractor will not.

I help sellers get their homes ready to sell and buyers protect themselves from getting taken advantage of.

I charge a fair fee. If I can't help you ...you don't pay.     If I do help you, you will be happy to pay.

See what my customers say  Testimonials.    Here are :   My Fees.      For additional information: Contact me! Richard Rash 817-308-8186

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Remember... Foundation companies sell piers, I provide solutions!