If I don’t help, you don’t pay my fee! How can you lose?

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I provide foundation repair consulting services anywhere in Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. My Standard fee is $350.00 within 40 miles of the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Over 40 miles from DFW airport a small time and distance fee is added. Please confirm price when setting an appointment.

Foundation repair can run into the thousands of dollars. My experience has shown that at least half of the piers sold in North Texas are unnecessary or premature.

If I can show you that you do not need as many piers as you have been quoted I have made you my friend. (and saved you several hundreds of dollars.) If I can show you how to maintain your home without any piers I have done you a real service. (Saved you a bunch + no foundation damage to disclose when you sell)

Remember: If I don’t help, you don’t pay my fee! How can you lose?

How can you lose?I am a Richard Rash. I am a independent consultant for foundation repair and drainage control. I have been involved with foundation repair for over thirty-five years. I was a foundation repair contractor for twenty-four years. Since 2004 I have been an independent consultant to homeowners, as well as, owners of income producing properties, commercial buildings, plants and other physical facilities. My fees are reasonable and if I don’t help you I don’t expect you to pay me.