Selling a home with foundation damage.

Understand you foundation

Every year in North Texas, hundreds of home sales fail to close and millions of dollars are lost due to misinformation regarding foundation damage.

  • Due to widespread MISINFORMATION foundation damage and repair are among the most misunderstood elements of home ownership.
  • Due to misdiagnosis, thousands of unneeded piers are installed in North Texas every year.
  • Cosmetic movement is often confused with structural damage and the repairs are completely different and repair cost are dramatically different.
  • Upheaval is confused with with settlement or a regular basis by pier salespeople and piers are wrongly installed. In these cases the expense of attempted repairs  is highly increased and the failure rate in near 100%.
  1.      If  you call a pier contractor a for a free estimate, you will likely get a bid for piers.   Call me for a consult and you'll get a plan for a solution!

 What usually happens:

I have found that I often get called after the home inspections have been done. Usually at that point, the sale has pretty much been lost. At best the buyers have called for a free estimate from a pier selling company.  Nine times out of ten will get a costly, most often unneeded, bid for repairs. Either way the sale is usually lost or the buyer wants a big discount. Which leads to a lost sale. Unfortunately, after the fear of foundation damage has been introduced it is hard to show a buyer that the damage/estimate was greatly inflated or wrong. So my after the fact report saves the next interested buyer.             

At this point, usually all I can do is show the sellers how to avoid the problems for future buyers.

Maybe you should have called me first!

      What Should Happen: 

The client/Realtor call me prior to their listing hitting the mls AND we are able to identify and handle any cosmetic issues that may exist.  My report will preempt unnecessary repair scares. It will be available to help the inspector understand anything that concerns them. This will keep early viewers from walking away after seeing something that confuses them. This will greatly improve your chances of an offer from early viewers, WHICH WILL NOT BE LOST BY AN UNFAVORABLE HOME INSPECTION REPORT, AND LEAD TO A successful closing on the first offers.  Call me for more information. Richard Rash 817-308-8186

 I charge a fee, and it is a reasonable and fair fee. Charging a fee enables me to make a living without having to sell you something you don't want, and don't need.  


 My reports, with copies placed for buyers to find, will explain any foundation abnormalities before the potential buyers is: 

  • scared off or 
  • their inspector finds something he does not understand OR
  • A PIER SALESMAN TRIES TO SELL SOMEBODY UN-NEEDED PIERS.                                

Sale saved!        


I will outline any repairs that may be required. I will encourage you to  to send me any bids you might receive so we can discuss them and call me with any questions that might arise. I will be glad to discuss the repairs with you,  your  buyer, your seller or the contractor. This is all included in my initial fee.