Two main reasons 
the contractors can't agree.

Computerized Level

Satire of foundation pier salesman.

  • Most are paid on commission for the piers they sell. The more piers they sell the more they make.
  • They often sell their piers as a fix for real and perceived problems where piers are not required and don't work.
  • The elevations used to determine "the need for piers” “the number of piers needed" and " the placement of the piers" is flawed and cannot determine if you need piers, let alone where or how many.
  • They randomly select an arbitrary spot to call ZERO. They have NO BENCHMARK from the date of construction, so they cannot tell if the foundation has settled, heaved or was poured that way. 
  • The NEEDED BENCHMARKS ARE NOT AVAILABLE to the homeowner, foundation contractor or anyone else so they make up their own "zero", which will change the dynamics of the elevations as the "zero" point changes spot to spot and from contractor to contractor.
  • They each use a different point for ZERO so their numbers are different, causing their recommendations to be different.
  • What they have in common is they are all usually wrong on what it takes to fix a foundation correctly and permanently and if one is right it is pure luck.
  • Unneeded or incorrectly placed piers will not permanently prevent, stop or reverse foundation damage! 
  • Unneeded piers will usually cause additional damage over a short period of time.

Think about this:

Pier companies generally sell piers based on phony elevations, I provide solutions based on nearly forty years of experience for a fixed fee!

Be very careful when placing your home in the hands of someone whose livelihood is based on the sale of piers, or who uses foundation elevations to try to convince you that piers are the answer. Unless the home has experienced the effects of a major earthquake, landslide, sinkhole or other catastrophic trauma it is unlikely that extensive foundation movement has or will occur or that piers are needed.

People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation issues!

My fee is fair and reasonable.

If I help you get the job done right, you have made money!

It's a smart move and cheap insurance. I will be your advocate, your, "check and balance"!

If I can't help you, you don't pay me! If I do help you, you will be glad to pay me!

"When we discovered foundation problems, we also discovered the problem of finding the truth. We were told by several contractors that we needed piers (support) around the entire perimeter of the house.

Some contractors said we needed as many as 20 piers and even wanted to cut through the foundation inside the house and place piers there.

Since contractors get paid by the number of piers, the more you agree to install, the more they get.

Richard Rash outlined a solid, reasonable approach to fixing the problem. (We ended up with half as many piers as some recommended and no piers inside the house.) I didn’t know it initially, but over time I’ve come to learn that he was the only person who actually understood what was going on with our foundation".

                                                            Phillip, Grapevine, TX


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