Pier and beam i Texas.


Need to know

Although pier and beam/crawl space foundations are still around in older homes and in some new construction in north texas, the number of companies willing and able to repair them correctly has drastically dropped over the last few years.

Foundation repair on pier and beam

Pier and beam foundations.

Pier and beam foundations come in many flavors.

  • Floor above ground level 
  • Hole in ground under floor 
  • Concrete perimeter beam 
  • No perimeter but beam supported by either concrete or wood posts 
  • Floor low to ground  
  • Floor high above ground

Advantages of crawl space is the ability to get to utilities for service under the floor.

Tool Tip

Pier and beam construction does present its own set of problems including proper ventilation, keeping the crawlspace dry by using extra drainage precautions, possibility of wood rot and mold, as well as,  keeping the perimeter beam stable.

Besides it being very unpleasant in most crawl spaces to view the problems, it is usually difficult getting materials into the crawlspace and often necessitates  cutting holes in the floor to bring in materials and perform the repairs. This has caused the majority of North Texas foundation repair companies to either discontinue working on pier and beams, charging very high prices for the inconvenience or handling it in a less than competent way.

Some of the more common problems found in crawl space construction:

  • Lack of ventilation (not enough or to small vents)
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Drainage issues
  • Wet soil
  • Rotten wood
  • Support wood touching soil
  • No crawlspace entry
  • Mold
  • Rust and deterioration on metal bracing
  • Piers not supporting beams
  • Piers rolling
  • Wood shims 
  • Lack of adequate space for utilities to be serviced

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