Foundation Repair Contractors

Foundation repair contractors

Foundation Repair Contractors often provide un-needed and overpriced "repairs" when dealing with foundation damage.

Foundation repair contractors are not licensed in Texas, so there is no over site and no educational or experience requirements to be one.

Unless your home has experienced a major earthquake, mud slide, sinkhole or catastrophic trauma, it is unlikely that the structure needs piers!

 Foundations are poured in dry soil, sometimes during droughts. If rains cause dry soils to swell how do foundations settle? They usually don't!

If the diagnosis is wrong, your repair will fail!

After all the BS is spread, the one sure thing you can bet on, if your house has heaved and it is treated as settlement, the repair will fail! By the same token, if your home has settled, treating it for upheaval will not solve your problem. Foundation Repair contractors sell piers. I provide solutions!

The reason for the vast majority of foundation repair failures is not pier failure, but piers being installed, either in the wrong place, or when when they are not needed at all. This is the result of foundation repair contractors salespeople being paid on commission and encouraged to sell piers instead of conservative repairs..

If you sell piers for a living, and that is what foundation repair companies in North Texas do, why would they look for a problem that piers won't help? Every homeowner should talk to an expert whose income will not be influenced by the repairs they recommend.  To get all of your questions answered, contact me. I can save you money, I can save you time and I can help you avoid undue stress. If you need piers I will tell you. I will tell you where, how many and explain the different type of piers.

If you don't need piers I will explain why you don't need piers and what you can do to avoid most future foundation movement.  I will explain how to stop current foundation movement and often how you can reverse your existing foundation movement. Usually without piers, other lifting methods or chemicals. 

If you have foundation issues or wish to avoid foundation problems I offer you these options.

  • Read this website front to back and understand the whys, whens, and what-fors of foundation movement and damage in expansive soils. Learn how to avoid it, stop it and usually reverse it. This website has, I believe, the most comprehensive, understandable information on everything from foundation repair scams,to saving money, time and stress.
  • If you just want the highlights of what's going on, and what to do about it, read this complete page, it can be your cliff notes.
  • If you know what you are looking for, read this page and then look up what interests you on the other pages for more depth.
Foundation repair contractor

Foundation companies sell piers. That is their main profit center and unfortunately the general public has been falsely conditioned to think that all foundation failure or damage in North Texas, is settlement, which responds to piers, and that is not true. Upheaval is the most common problem in North Texas and upheaval doesn't responded positively to piers.

Foundations, or other concrete for that matter, are not usually poured when soil is wet. Properly done, the soil will be poured when the soil is dry. Because of the extreme droughts that have been experienced in North Texas and many other areas, many foundations are poured when the soil is dry and often contracted or shrunken in volume.

Most of the land in North Texas is hilly. This leads to houses being stair stepped with one side of the property sloping to the house, and another side of the property sloping away from the house.

Foundation repair contractors

When the rains fall they will run down hill. The areas on the high side of the house will hold water while the area on the low side of the structure will allow the water to run away from that side of the house.

When this happens it often causes the soil to swell, lifting the part of the house that is holding the moisture. Where the water runs off, the soil does not swell. The affect is, that of the foundation twisting or flexing, which, intentional or not, it is designed to do.

The house is built on top of the foundation, which flexes, and unfortunately, most houses are ridged. Sheetrock, hard flooring, brick and grout are not designed to flex. When the slab, or beam flexes, from rising,  the floor becomes uneven, pushing door frames out of square, causing doors to not catch or often not to close correctly.

Foundation repair contractors
foundation repair contractors

These things often happen when a structure experiences any type of foundation movement, settlement or upheaval. The trick is figuring out which one it is.

foundation repair contractors

When a big void opens under part of a foundation, such as from a sink hole or mudslide or sometimes a massive earthquake or maybe subsidence from a terrible drought, it becomes obvious that part of the building has lost support. When, that is the case, it is rather obvious that areas of the structure are unsupported and piers, or some sort of remedial support must, be installed.

If a structure has heaved, and the part of the house that has not heaved, is lifted with piers or other means, it is possible to cause it to become temporarily "level". The problem then becomes, what happens next. If the reasons for the heave has not been eliminated, the soil will continue to swell, further lifting the building up, and eventually off of the piers (not good).  If the cause of the heave (bad drainage, plumbing leaks, or whatever) is eliminated, then the soil will dry under the heaved area, the volume will lessen, and the weight of the building will cause it to lower back to near "as built", while the piers are still supporting  part of the structure above original grade (also not good). This will produce a problem that is the reverse of what you started with,  which is not covered by any foundation repair warranties that I have ever seen.      If that is not completely clear, call me and I will explain it in more detail.

When a loss of support is not obvious, and the signs of the movement or damage could be either settlement or upheaval, how do you determine what to do?

You do not take elevations! Unless you have the original elevations, to sea-level, which nobody has, elevations can not show you if the building has settled, heaved or was poured that way.

foundation repair contractor
Foundation repair contractors
Foundation repair contractor

One other thing to point out in this summary is actually three things. Bids, Contracts, and Warranties.  In most cases when dealing with foundation repair companies and their sales people bids don't tell you the whole story, most contracts prohibit you from suing (arbitration), and warranties are written to protect the contractor rather than the consumer

It might be noted here that most foundation repair companies salespeople who work on commission and get paid by the number of piers that they sell. It is not  in their best interest to look for ways to sell you less piers or an alternative way of solving your foundation issues.

Every homeowner should get help from a independent consultant who has no affiliation with any foundation companies and no financial incentive to advise or promote any type of product or repair. Someone who does not suggest that you pay them to make multiply paid trips to your property. One other thing, You might want someone who had spent years in the foundation repair business fixing homes and understands how to avoid failed repair jobs. An advocate! a check and balance! No website tells you the truth like this one and nobody will level with you like I will about your homes needs. Here is my deal: if I don't help you you don't pay. What do you have to lose?

If I consult on your home, the fee you pay will entitle you to call me anytime with any questions relating to your foundation. I will have my notes to refer to and can answer most questions over the phone.

I am Richard Rash. I am a fee paid independent consultant for foundation repair and drainage control. I have been involved with foundation repair for over thirty-five years. I was a foundation repair contractor for twenty-four years. Since 2004 I have been an independent consultant to homeowners, as well as, owners of apartments, other income producing properties, commercial buildings, plants and other physical facilities. My fees are reasonable but if I don't help you, I don't expect you to pay me.

You may contact me at 817-308-8186 My Email: You may request my Newsletter Here. I have a blog of addition foundation information you may access Here. For my fee go here.  Or please explore the remainder of my website for more information!

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