Save the deal with a foundation inspection by a fee paid, independent foundation consultant!

Due to widespread MISINFORMATION foundation damage and repair are among the most misunderstood elements of home ownership.  Due to mis-diagnosis, thousands of unneeded piers are installed in North Texas every year.

 I charge a fee, and it is a reasonable and fair fee. By charging a fee enables me to make a living without having to sell you something you don't want, and don't need.  


Richard Rash

Foundation Repair Consultant


People pay me to help them successfully deal with foundation issues. My fee is fair and reasonable. If I help you get the job done right you have made money. It's a smart move and cheap insurance. I will be your advocate, your, "check and balance" and if I can't help you, you don't pay me! If I do help you, you will be glad to pay me!

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