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Larry Szuhy

Hi Richard: Just a follow up to the drain work you had done for me. In short, a job well done....timely, effective and reasonable. Plus, it did not take long to test the drain work. Shortly after completion we had a huge rainstorm and "no water in the house". The new drain system worked perfectly. Thanks for a job well done.

Larry Szuhy

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  Testimonials from customers!

Testimonials from customers


Richard, It was a pleasure meeting you today. You were a big help to my wife and I. Your consultation explained so many things to us and saved us unnecessary expense and hassle. Our spirits are lifted by knowing what is happening and having the plan to move forward with. Your service most appreciated. Regards, Peter, McKinney, TX


When we discovered foundation problems, we also discovered the problem of finding the truth. We were told by several contracts that we needed piers (support) around the entire perimeter of the house. Some contractors said we needed as many as 20 piers and even wanted to cut through the foundation inside the house and place piers there. Since contractors get paid by the number of piers, the more you agree to install, the more they get. Richard Rash outlined a solid, reasonable approach to fixing the problem. (We ended up with half as many piers as some recommended and no piers inside the house.) I didn’t know it initially, but over time I’ve come to learn that he was the only person who actually understood what was going on with our foundation. I’m convinced it would be foolish to spend thousands of dollars on foundation work without an independent second opinion. Richard is independent of the contractors and knows and understands foundation repair. If you aren’t familiar with the process, he’ll help you through the process and can save you thousands of dollars. Phillip, Grapevine, TX


Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $335.00 Description Of Work: Provided professional opinion on home foundation, landscaping & drainage issues. I hired Richard because he wasn’t selling anything. His was an independent assessment and opinion and that is exactly what I wanted and got. He fully explained the elements of how the foundation was likely constructed, looked at the specific position of our house on our property, the conditions, and signs of stress, and suggested further action be considered. Richard will continue to provide opinions (included in the price paid) as we choose how we want to proceed. Sid and Nancy Member Comments: Great. Got what I expected and paid for. If we choose to have further inspections done, we can check with Richard on the amount of the quote as well as the recommended course of action. That’s a real value. I am glad I hired him. No guessing or losing sleep as I have a good idea of what the conditions are now. I know I don’t have anything significant wrong – that is worth a lot. A sample of my customer letters From Angie’s List


Good morning Richard, Thank you so much; this document makes perfect sense to me. I appreciate you being able to visit with us so quickly after my initial phone call to you. Your know-how and expertise were very helpful and I feel much better going forward having the knowledge you provided to us. We plan to hire a plumber to come do the pressure test within the next couple of weeks and then we’ll go from there. Thanks for being our advocate; it’s great knowing we have you as a resource. I’ll certainly call you with any questions that come up, and I’ll keep you posted as we move forward. Have a great day, Jennifer


Richard. Thank you for your kindness in answering my foundation and soil concerns over the phone. It is such a welcome change to find such kind people in this world. I will keep your information and pass your web page to all my family and friends. Bless you, kind man, bless you! Regards Deb in Plano


Thanks for the newsletter. It was very timely because I getting ready to drop you an email with a report and a question. We have done all of the remedial work that you suggested (replacing the gutters and adjusting the drainage away from the foundation. I feel like we have done everything that you recommended. We have repaired the damage inside and have had no cracks since then. With all of the rains that we have had we stopped the soaker sessions, but having lived in this country all my life I know that the rains will not continue much longer. My question is, through the winter do we need to continue to use the soaker or are we good until summer comes along? Thanks again for all of your help. I am recommending you to everyone that I know that have foundation problems. Chas. ————————————————————————————-

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Richard, Just a note to thank you for visiting with me yesterday. The information with which I am now armed gives me a lot of leverage with future experiences relating to foundation issues. Today’s meeting with another foundation repair co. went very much like the others. Recommendations, 13 piers across the front of the house. None in back. I played very uninformed. I asked how it would be to do the plumbing test before starting the pier installation and was told that would be useless until the work was completed because there might be some plumbing line damage after the piering and we would just have to repeat the testing. No sense in doing the testing first. I explained that it made sense to wait based on that assumption. I am planning the plumbing test for one day next week. I will let you know what I discover. Again, Thank you for being willing to share your insight with me. A classic example of knowledge being power. Regards, Jim

This video was made by a well respected Houston Professional Structural Engineer for his clients in Houston. Although we had never met he knew of my work.


Well, we have a leak and the ironic thing is I told the foundation company I was getting a test done and he said I was wasting my money, he didn’t see any signs of a leak. I have quickly learned that the foundation companies prey on fear and they don’t treat the problem just the symptoms. So if I would have spent the 10k like most people do and hadn’t check for leaks or fix the soil issues, the same thing would have happened again. The plumber put a balloon in the line and filled up the pipe where the toilet was. Immediately, the water level dropped 6-8 inches, we did this a couple of times to make sure all air was out of the lines and it again went down 6-8 inches and held there for over 2 hours. The plumber is coming back Tuesday to isolate different areas in the house to pinpoint the leak. He said the good news is that it shouldn’t be to deep below the slab since it only dropped 6-8 inches. He said the pinpoint testing, worst case, would cost $700 and the repair, worst case, would be $1K. Does this price sound reasonable and the proper procedure? I also have an appointment with a sprinkler company to hook up a separate soaker station to run off of my current sprinkler system. Thanks once again to you Richard for telling us to get the leak test or we would have never found out. Much appreciated, Cody


Hi Richard, Got our report said we need 22 piers for a total of $9,190. I had him squirming with some questions that I asked him, thanks to you:) And he set up his “elevation machine” exactly where you said he would. We were wondering if we could buy you a cup of coffee Sat a.m. before you start your day and let you look over the report. We have found a man do to our dirt and it will be a 70/30, clay/sand mixture. We are meeting him on Sunday to show him what we need. Tomorrow we are having the leak test done. Let us know about coffee Sat a.m. and we can come wherever is convenient for you, we just sincerely appreciate you. BTW we have been reading over their warranty….One of the conditions that will void the warranty is if the structure is not reasonably maintained (i.e. proper or controlled watering, etc.) WOW! THAT’S NOT TO VAGUE!!! Hope to see you Sat. Cody


Hey Richard, I hope all is well. I have been giving your name and number to everyone. I wanted to give you an update. Remember last time I said that a plumber said we had a sewer leak? Well, he was going to charge me $2k to dig up my slab and repair. Well I decided to get a second opinion. I found a great plumber who came out and tested for 2 hours and couldn’t find a leak anywhere. That other plumber should be ashamed of himself, how many people pay money that they shouldn’t and go through the needless stress and hassle of having the floor ripped up? Between the plumber and the foundation companies, people really need to be informed. We have been working non-stop after we met you and we finally have everything complete. I have attached a pix to show you the dirt that I put all around the house like you suggested. I found a great dirt company that mixed it 70/30, clay-sand. I had a soaker system permanently installed and attached to my existing sprinkler system. The soaker runs around the entire foundation about 12 inches from the wall and is underneath the dirt you see in the picture. If I had listened to the people who were only out to make a buck, I would have spent $13,000+ AND my foundation symptoms would have been temporarily fixed but not the underlying problem. Instead, because of you, I have spent $1,800 AND the problem has been fixed. There is no doubt in my mind that the house will right itself. In fact, I can honestly see a difference in the door jam that was off center, after only 2-3 weeks of watering the foundation. My wife and I have thanked God for you coming into our lives. If there is anything I can do for you or your business, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Warmly, Cody


Hello Richard, You came out and looked at my foundation problem a few weeks ago. You were right I do have a drain pipe leak. The plumber used a camera and located the busted pipe. It looks like it might be by a load bearing wall and could weaken the floor. They won’t know until after the pipes are exposed. The work begins this Monday to do the repair. More checks for leaks will be done after they open up the slab. Thanks for the advice, Joe


Thank you for looking at my foundation on Sunday. I should have pointed out that I do have some more shifting in my kitchen where the sheet rock ceiling is pulling away from the ceiling molding and shifting of my kitchen cabinets, but not near as bad as the west side of the house. Thinking back after the foundation work was completed, I remember that I watered the foundation with soaker hoses and that is when I noticed the dirt around and piers wasn’t compacted. Thank you again very much for your thoughtfulness. Ceacy

Richard, I just wanted to let you know that after installing the gutters and placing the dirt around the house and leaving the sprinkler off for a while the house has begun to shift back. The front storm door is almost shutting without having to pull on it and one of the locks that would not lock is almost engaging all the way. My money was well spent with you and I am very pleased with the results. Now just some more time before we go in and paint and fix the spots that moved. Thanks for your help sir, Mark,

Hello Richard-your conversation and advice to me on our “Highgrove street house for sale” was “a light in the dark” last August(?). We found someone to replace the rotted beam under the tub and floor jack it a bit . The piers were fine.(all from your advice after your careful listening and “try this first”) and it leveled up fine and has held, even with torrential rains. We still have some work to do (now cosmetic) before (we hope) the neighborhood market turns better to sell. I still house my office there for now. Its 3 blocks from my home. You are in my personal file, I will send others to you. So nice to know a really good guy! Merry Christmas. Mary Ann.


You told us what we needed to know about the drainage effect on the house. Thanks Rich, Richard Burleson, TX


Richard, Thanks for the quick response. It was a pleasure to meet you and to talk with such a knowledgeable person. Sincerely, Steve and Theresa


Richard, Thank you for meeting the clients so fast. They came back to closing saying they “felt 1,000 times more comfortable with the house” after talking with you. Tim, Fairway mortgage Colleyville, TX


 Mr. Rash, You gave me exactly what I needed. I feel good about buying the house. Thanks You, John, Carrollton, TX

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