Foundation damage due to sinkhole

Structural Foundation Damage

Upheaval on Brick

Cosmetic Foundation Damage


Cosmetic foundation damage in North Texas is primary the result of soils shrinking, during droughts and before construction, then swelling during rains after construction. This is called upheaval. This may take several years to manifest itself into visual damage and is often the result of drainage changes, moisture from leaks or just an unusual mixture of dry to wet to dry to wet soils. Cosmetic damage can, left unchecked, turn into structural damage but that is a rare occurrence and is usually able to be prevented, stopped and reversed without the use of piers, mudjacking or other forms of lifting or building manipulation


Most foundation movement and damage in North Texas is the result of expansive soils moving, around, and under your home foundation. The soil swelling unevenly around the foundation will cause the foundation to flex.  While the foundation is designed to, and is able to flex, the building siting on the foundation is not. The bricks don’t flex, the sheetrock won't flexe, the hard floor covering is not going to flex, and window and door frames are often twisted out of square.

Foundations and houses often don't play well together on expansive soils, so most damage from expansive soils in North Texas is cosmetic and is the results of uneven upheaval and not settlement. This means piers are a last resort and can often cause, recurring, long term damage.

Points to remember:​​​

  • Piering a structure with cosmetic damage, caused by soil swelling, is a waste of money and will often cause additional problems.
  • Drainage work, on damage caused by shrinking soils is of little value.
  • Learn the difference and win the fight.


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 Below are pictures of  yard hacks that can  help or hurt your foundation!